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Liam Grae: 'singing has always been what I do when I'm happy, or sad or frustrated'

Posted: February 26, 2019
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Singer and songwriter Liam Grae has always known he’s made for singing, and when you listen to his voice, you’ll be inclined to agree. His crooning voice, with textures of gospel, soul and pop, will have you listening to his tunes on repeat. Grae released his debut single, “Uniform,’ in October 2018, with his dream team, co-written and recorded with Dale Anthoni (The Vamps, Carlie Hanson), produced by Andrew Furze (“So You Think You Can Dance” and “The X Factor”), and mixed by Todd Bergman (Alessia Cara, Nicki Minaj and Foster the People).

Followed up by his unique take on the classic “The Christmas Song,” and on Valentine’s Day this year, released his third single “Typical.” Grae shares in a recent press release that the song is a “ballad that talks about the modern complexities of dating. Between all of the useless labels and complicated relationships, this track is an anthem for simplicity. This track was written trying to find beauty in the complicated mess that dating has become.”

We spoke with Liam about his love of and passion for music, his earliest memories of when he knew he was going to pursue his love of it, his writing and production team, and his answers on our fun favorites.

Let’s reflect back on your earliest memories of music…when do you recall you wanted to be a performer?

Liam Grae: I sang my first solo at the age of three in a Christmas service at my church and have been singing since I can remember…

Singing has always been what I do when I’m happy or sad or frustrated…it has been therapy for me throughout my life. I honestly believe I was put on this Earth to sing.

What led and/or influenced you to begin creating demos as a child?

Liam: My choir teacher throughout my childhood was apart of an award-winning quartet called, “The Acoustix,” and he utilized his connections in the music industry to help get my first job singing. I went and auditioned for various production companies and landed a consistent job cutting vocals on various children’s CDs. I loved it because I was able to buy myself an electric scooter, which at the time, was the greatest thing ever.

Your debut single “Uniform,” debuted in October of 2018 with excellent response and praise…and now you’ve released your second single “Typical.” What is your writing process like?

Liam: Every time I’m in the studio, the process is quite different…I love working with different writers, to help create new and unique narratives on my ideas. One way I love writing is to start with the title, then create a song based off of that idea. It allows the song to have very clear focus, and helps ideas flow quicker.

You’ve written with some of the most renowned songwriters; how do you connect with people you write songs with?

Liam: I am very blessed to write with Top-40 writers…my producers (Andrew Furze & Todd Bergman) introduced me to the majority of the writers I work with, and from there I have been able to develop friendships with these writers, and they have been nothing but supportive and loving towards my music and my goal as an artist.

Is a full-length album and/or EP in the works?

I am always working on new material, but I don’t want to be confined by a set album or EP. I want to release songs when I want and be able to have flexibility in releases and singles. This allows me to constantly re-think and re-create ideas to keep my ideas fresh and my sounds new and unique.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?

Liam: At the moment, I am focused on playing shows and creating new material in the studio. I always want to find new sounds and to progress my vision as Liam Grae.

Fun Questions

Who was your first concert, and do you have a favorite, thus far?

My first concert was Michael Bublé that I went to with my mom and my voice teacher, and I remember vividly thinking that I could do what he was doing—I felt like I belonged onstage.

My favorite concert was watching Amos Lee in the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville…what an insane talent, and intimate performance. 

What was your first album on cassette, CD and/or vinyl?

Liam: I remember listening exclusively to funk music with my dad in his beat up, cherry-red Volvo, and listening to classic country music with my mom on the way to school in the mornings. As I’m sure you could imagine, I preferred riding with my dad.

Which five albums and/or artists would you not want to live without?

Liam: The five artists I couldn’t live without are (in no particular order):

Frank Sinatra

Elvis Presley



-George Michael

Do you have a guilty music and/or entertainment pleasure?

Liam: I am a huge fan of Justin Bieber, and was possibly the only male over 20 at his concert in Nashville last summer…

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