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Kellie-Anne chats inspiration on musical path, 'The Voice Canada,' & latest single 'Unlived Dreams'

Posted: December 23, 2018
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At fifteen years old, Kellie-Anne is already an accomplished artist. Although originally from Quebec City, Canada, she lived in Dubai for eight year,s beginning when she was six years old. She grew up in a musical family, and has been creating music since she was nine years old. She moved to NYC in 2017, and was a candidate on “The Voice Kids” in Canada in 2016, in which she learned a lot from and “yes, indeed,” would participate in something like it again.

Having already performed at major music festivals and renowned venues, including features in TV and radio networks, Kellie has amassed a loyal following, and her songs have landed in the top 5 in Reverbnation chart, and has over 20,000 streams on Spotify and counting.

In our interview below, Kellie spoke with us about her new single “Unlived Dreams,” and what they mean to her, her time on “The Voice Kids Canada,” and the music video for “Unlived Dreams.”

For being only fifteen years old, you’ve had quite a few accomplishments in those years. What and/or who’s been the most inspirational to you along the way in your musical path? 

Kellie-Anne: Thank you! I have a lot of musical inspirations such as Sia, Ed Sheeran, James Arthur and Jessie J. They inspire me to stay true to my music and are all extremely humble and talented artists. My family have always been extremely supportive of my music too and continue to inspire me to be the best person I can be.

You were a candidate on The Voice Kids in Canada in 2016. Can you relay to us what that experience was like, and would you do something similar again?

Kellie-Anne: Yes indeed! It was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much from it, made new friends that love the same thing as I do and found my true passion for music. It gave me the opportunity to showcase my singing in front of a huge audience and led me to learning so much more about this industry. I would definitely do something like it again as it is an amazing learning opportunity.

You’ve played festivals and performed at renowned venues too…what were those experiences like, and do you prefer the smaller venues over the big festivals, or both? 

Kellie-Anne: I absolutely love to perform at festivals and venues as I love to express all of my emotions on stage. It is a great way to practice my music and gain more experience as an artist. I enjoy both small and big venues, but I love the coziness of smaller ones. 

Your newest single, “Unlived Dreams,” is a very inspiring and encouraging song. What does “Unlived Dreams” mean to you? 

Kellie-Anne: Unlived dreams means the dreams that you haven’t fulfilled yet, but are waiting to be lived. The song has a very spécial place in my heart as I believe that the message is very important for all people going through life. 

Let’s talk about the video for “Unlived Dreams.” Tell us what it was like filming it and working with director, Will Gawley. 

Kellie-Anne: Filming my first ever music video was an amazing experience. I loved the process of it and working with Will Gawley and his team was an absolute blast. I adored the venue and the simplicity, yet power of the video. 

Fun Questions

Who was your first concert, and do you have a favorite so far?

Kellie-Anne: My first concert was Katy Perry! My favourite was Ed Sheeran!

What was your first album on CD and/or vinyl? 

I don’t really remember, but I know that an album I used to love listening to when I was younger, was Demi Lovato’s “Dont Forget.”

Which five albums or artists would you not want to live without? 

1. Sia+ – This Is Acting
2. Ed Sheeran – Divide album
3. The Greatest Showman on Earth – Soundtrack
4. Khalid
5. James Arthur and Back From the Edge

Do you have a guilty music or entertainment pleasure? 

Kellie-Anne: Listening to loud music in my house and dancing like a backup dancer (laughs)

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