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My Silent Bravery discusses his EP trilogy, his new music video for 'Everyday Is the Weekend' & tour

Posted: August 24, 2018
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Indie artist, My Silent Bravery, is the music project by Matthew Wade developed after suffering a sports injury. My Silent Bravery is Wade’s way of spreading positivity through the power of music. My Silent Bravery has been releasing his music projects since 2007, and has teamed up with award-winning producers Mike Mangini, Peter Zizzo, Anthony Resta, Warren Huart and currently Jim McGorman, with his latest project, Willing to Try. Three songs from Willing to Try landed on the Billboard charts, with his last single “18” landing the eighth spot at Digital Rock Song Sales, twenty-eighth spot on Hot Rock Songs Chart, and forty-sixth on the Emerging Artist chart. Being an independent artist has fared him well, as his populary and fan-base continue to grow.

His music video for the single “Everyday is The Weekend,” is another positive force of living life in excited jubilee everyday and not just on the weekend. Watch the enthusiastic video below:

You’re in the midst of releasing a planned trilogy of EPs. What led to releasing a trilogy of music?

My Silent Bravery: Yes! The new album is called Willing to Try, which I co-wrote with my good friend Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls). The album features twelve tracks and it will be released in 3 separate EPs over 2018. The first 2 EPs are out, and Chapter 1 features three Billboard hit singles! Sonically, the new songs blend modern synths and keyboards along with acoustic guitars and atmospheric electrics. The theme and title of the full body of work is called ‘Willing to Try’ so I felt that I wanted to try different things than I had before. I am usually a full-length LP kind of guy so the trilogy was an example of being “Willing to Try” something new!

Are there plans for a full-length album soon?

MSB: Yes! There is another full-length album in the works that will be released after Willing to Try most likely in 2019. I haven’t figured out exactly how I will release it yet, but there is a whole new batch of songs on the way!

Do you have any familial history with music? Were you around music from when you were little?

MSB: I don’t have a big familial history with music. Like most, music was always playing in the background and there are some songs and artists that make up the soundtrack of my life along with my family. Growing up I remember my parents took me to a couple concerts when I was 8. We saw Billy Joel and Huey Lewis and the News, and I think I fell asleep at both concerts! (laughs) I also had a lot of friends growing up that turned me onto music. My friend Kristen gave me my first mixtape in high school, I think the kids now call them playlists, and it really turned me on to good songwriting. I think that mixtape really planted a seed that song writing was something I was interested in.

I love how you state that each song “has its own story and inspiration.” With that being said, what’s your songwriting process like?

MSB: I write the majority of my songs on the guitar. I usually come up with a chord progression that feels good and that is somehow inspiring to me. Then, I’ll come up with a melody for the lyrics over that. Usually, the lyrics are the last thing to come and it’s a lot of refining from there. It’s like putting puzzle pieces together, but it’s an unbelievable feeling when the puzzle is completed.

With your new video for “Everyday Is the Weekend,” I love the concept of the video…was it your idea or a collaboration of both you and the director?

MSB: Thanks so much for the kind words. This concept was brought to my manager Evan and I by Ben Mortemayor and Brad Wong at Ocelot. We had recently finished the “18” video with them and really had a comfort level working with them. I wasn’t fully on board at first, but once we vetted the idea and discussed the treatment I was slowly won over. I really like that it’s so different than other video that I have done before. Its fun and I like the dance sequences too which is something I wasn’t sure I would ever have in a music video of mine.

You’re currently on tour with Saving Abel the remainder of this month and through September. What’s that been like so far, and are there plans for you to tour the US?

MSB: I head out to the UK on Friday for those dates so I am looking forward to some great shows and meeting some awesome new people on the road! I hope to do some fall dates as well when I return, but nothing else on the books just yet.

Five Fun Questions

Which musician(s) has been the most influential to you?

MSB: I would say my biggest musical influence is Bob Marley. I love how he promoted a message of peace and unity with his music. It’s something that I try to adhere to with my music. Also, there is a philosophical, spiritual vibe to a lot of his music and lyrics. I have some of that in my music but built with my own way and beliefs.

What musicians or albums would you not want to live without?

MSB: In addition, I am a big fan of Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, The Police, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Eminem, Chris Stapleton, and countless others.

What was your first album on CD, cassette and/or vinyl?

MSB: My first album on cassette was Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill!

What album is currently on rotation in your car, MP3 or phone?

MSB: I have Chris Stapleton From A Room Vol 1 and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ The Getaway in rotation at the moment!

Check out My Silent Bravery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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