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The Ultra premiere and talk new single 'Look Like Kylie,' writing and creating music, more

Posted: September 7, 2018
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Today, Sept. 7, the pop-rock band The Ultra have released their new and upbeat single, “Look Like Kylie.” Stream and purchase the single here.  This single is the follow-up to their previously released single, “Getaway,” from their upcoming EP. The band are currently on tour following their recent partnership with iHeart Media, Pepsi and Foxwoods Resort Casino. The guys have also been nominated for 4 New England Music Awards, including “Rock Act of the Year,” “Live Act of the Year,” “Song of the Year” and “Video of the Year.” The band is made up of Alec MacGillivray on vocals, Sam August on guitar, Shaq Druyan on drums and Pat Lyons, playing bass.

You guys came together by happenstance and by a series of events that brought you all together…what’s the ride been like?

The Ultra: It’s been a pretty wild ride so far. Since forming the group, we’ve fought through a really interesting set of adversities together which has really helped build a strong bond between us. Alec had jaw surgery in December that took him out of commission until April, Sam was earning his Master’s Degree at Harvard, Pat was working full time and Shaq was at Berklee, all while writing the debut EP, the current singles. We really wanted this band to happen, and we worked extremely hard to keep it together. I think that is something that is really important, knowing that every member of the group is willing to fight for the music.

Your new single, “Look Like Kylie” is out today! What’s the story behind it, and what influenced you guys to write it?

The Ultra: “Look Like Kylie” is, at its core, a song about being cool with who you are. Life isn’t perfect like it is on Instagram, and that’s fine. Life is imperfect and that’s the beauty of it. Just looking around seeing everybody glued to their phones, we just want to remind people to come back to earth and enjoy themselves.

"Look Like Kylie," The Ultra's new single, out now

“Look Like Kylie,” The Ultra’s new single, out now

You guys have a very busy schedule…how do you guys keep all of your other endeavors successful along with performing and creating music?

The Ultra: That’s the golden question I guess, right? I mean, we struggle with keeping it all together, just like everybody does in their own lives. I think the key is just being efficient with our time together, making sure we get done what we need to, which like I mentioned, we are DEFINITELY still working on.

You all have been writing and creating new music. Is a new album in the works?

The Ultra: Yeah, we are stoked! We are currently in the process of writing for the record, which we’re going to do with our current producer Courtney Ballard in LA. Coach is one of our favorite dudes on earth. Working with him is an absolute blast and, in our opinion, the songs sound the best they possibly can with him in the chair.

What’s next for 2018, going into 2019?

The Ultra: Next going into 2019, we are going to be pumping out new music. As a group, we are loving what we’re cooking up right now, and we’re really excited to share it with everyone as soon as possible.

Five Fun Questions

Who was your first concert, and do you have a current overall favorite?

Alec MacGillivray: First concert was Backstreet Boys I think? Best concerts I’ve recently been to were Harry Styles and U2.

What was your first album on vinyl, cassette and/or CD?

Alec: My Dad always had a kicking rotation of CD’s going in the car. Anything from Joe Strummer to Velvet Revolver or The White Stripes to George Straight. I got a really cool variety pretty early.

Which five albums or artists would you not want to live without? 

Alec: Contraband – Velvet Revolver, American Idiot – Green Day, Streetcore – Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, A Little South of Sanity (Live Album) – Aerosmith, and the fifth rotates, every day I’m feeling something different but those first 4 are the rocks for me.

What song can you not get enough of lately?

Alec: I have been absolutely ripping all things Oasis recently. Cannot get enough of it. The Oasis albums, Noel’s High-Flying Birds’ albums, and Liam’s new album too. Playing, listening, and singing them all the time right now.

Do you have guilty music or entertainment pleasure?

Alec: I don’t really get the whole musical guilty pleasures thing. If it’s good stuff, its good stuff, right? I feel like people are always saying boy bands or Taylor Swift or something like that as an answer here. One Direction have some amazing stuff, 1989 from Taylor Swift was fire, and good music is good music. It’s okay to say you like something you like, if you think something is dope, say so!

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