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Kelly Padrick chats new video, songwriting, and five fun facts

Posted: August 16, 2018
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Singer-songwriter Kelly Padrick began writing songs at the age of five, and has continued down the path of creating music and writing songs for a number of years. Originally from Rhode Island, Padrick moved to New York City, as soon as she was able to work in the music business, and has continued to hone her craft since.

She partnered with Nancy Hess in 2006, who has continued to be her songwriting sidekick, and has released seven full-length albums and four EPs. Her current single “Heavenly Ride,” has a fun and laid-back music video to accompany it that was filmed in Los Angeles. According to Hip Video Promo, the music video shows “Kelly and her boyfriend being cheeky as they try to get to their mobile home vacation destination. In complete solitude their love grows stronger as they almost have a Bonnie and Clyde feel to their energy. The trip comes to a halt when they get a flat tire, but Kelly laughs in the face of disaster as she kisses her reckless lover. It’s her careless sexiness that carries this 60s Californian surf vibe.”

Padrick’s new EP Fires is out now and available for purchase here.

In our interview, Padrick sheds insight on the making of “Heavenly Ride,” songwriting and more.

Your previous music videos for singles “Tangled Forest” and “Radiance” were much more darker
than your new video for “Heavenly Ride.” What drew you to the happier and lighter side for this

Kelly Padrick: “Heavenly Ride” is such a fun song it needed a happy, go-lucky story and it had to be in sunny California. It screamed for Los Angeles!

Being only five years old, what drew you to begin writing songs at such an early age, and how did you keep your stamina with writing?

Kelly: I didn’t consciously think “oh, I have to write a song,” it was just something I wanted to do.  I wanted to create and I loved writing, whether it be songs, or short stories, poems … I have never lost the desire to write something down, especially if I’m feeling a little depressed or annoyed – I always want to put it down on paper!

You’ve developed songs and placements with your writing partner, Nancy Hess, since 2006. How did that partnership come about?

Kelly: Nancy and I actually started writing together in 2005.  Our first recording was “Haze” – a very cool song I brought to her as a demo. We had a mutual friend who is a mastering engineer and he thought we would work well together.  Twelve years later he was right! Nancy is my musical goddess who I am so proud to be working with.

You worked with director Patricia Chica yet again for “Heavenly Ride.” What do you like especially about Chica’s directing?

Kelly: Patricia is magnetic – she pushes boundaries and brings out the best in me and the actors. She brings the song and the story to a whole new level when she is behind the camera. I love her.

What was the production and overall making of the video for “Heavenly Ride” like? How involved are you in the themes and visuals of it?

Kelly: Well, “Heavenly Ride” was not without its bumps in the road, so to speak. The white Mustang actually broke down and we had to quickly improvise. But everybody on set was so professional and you can’t take yourself too seriously – things break down, mistakes happen, and when you’re on a shooting schedule you have to push forward and do the best you can. Being in California certainly helped. The weather was great (the fires at the time of shooting had been extinguished by then) and you have to keep a positive attitude, because the sun was going down and we had to get it right.  My attitude was “Okay, let’s go and do this” … and we did!  I look back on the making of “Heavenly Ride” with a smile every time. When I say to Patricia “Hey, let’s do a video,” we both discuss the theme and visuals and she’ll okay it or veto it and then everything gets put into motion – it’s quite a beautiful creation every time.

Your next video shoot is for your single “Waiting For This.” Can you give us some insight into the upcoming video shoot?

Kelly: Well we just finished shooting ‘Waiting for This’ in Montreal and it was amazing!  We have a 1920’s theme for the video and it was a really fun shoot – you’ll see it soon!  We had professional people who did a great job and had fun – having fun is extremely important when doing a video shoot.

Five Fun Facts

Who was your first concert?

Kelly: Stevie Nicks at Foxwoods

What was your first album on cassette, CD or vinyl?

Kelly: The Beatles

Which female musician has been your biggest inspiration?

Kelly: Dolly Parton

Which five artists would you not want to livewithout?

Kelly: (laughs) Hmmm, not sure about that one.

What is your guilty entertainment pleasure?

Kelly: (laughs) I’ll keep that one secret for now.

Connect with Kelly Padrick on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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