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Ashley Brinton talks her new single 'Trouble,' shares acoustic version

Posted: July 11, 2018
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Pop musician, Ashley Brinton, has released her acoustic version of “Trouble,” with the original version released three months ago charting at 41 on Billboard’s Dance charts. Releasing on June 26, Brinton wants her fans to see a simpler side of her music with the acoustic version. “Trouble” was co-written and produced by Grammy Award winning producer Cory Rooney who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, among many others. “Trouble” has accumulated nearly half a million views on YouTube since it premiered on Nick Music’s Fresh Faces, which is Nickelodeon’s Pop Music TV Channel.

We chatted with Ashley about her single “Trouble,” how her life has been different since releasing the popular single, working with Cory Rooney, and what’s next.

Why did you decide to release an acoustic version of “Trouble”?

Ashley Brinton: I think it’s important for my fans to see all sides of my music. It’s important for them to see me sing live. The acoustic has a chill vibe with all the candles and dark moody atmosphere. I adore candles and they help put me in a mood so I can write and perform. I wanted to showcase that.

Since it’s been a few months since you released your dance version of “Trouble,” how has your life changed since then?

Ashley: My life is crazy amazing. The dance version hit the Billboard charts a few weeks ago and is continuing to move up the chart. It’s a dream come true. I have to pinch myself because sometimes I don’t even believe it.

What were some of the artistic difference between the music video for the acoustic version and dance version of “Trouble”?

Ashley: The acoustic version is chill,dark and moody. Sung from the heart with lots of passion and emotion.

The dance version is upbeat, sassy and edgy. I wanted everyone to be having a great time dancing to it but in a sassy way. It has a lot of meaning since I feel every one has had a relationship that is just trouble. So you  just need to scream out to that person.

Watch the video for the acoustic version of “Trouble:”  

What was your experience like writing and recording with Cory Rooney?

 Ashley: Cory is the best. I have been working with him for four years. I have learned so much in all aspects of the music industry. He has seen me grow from a little girl to the person I am now. We have taken the musical journey together growing my music from that younger girlie pop to my current sound.

What else is coming up with you and your music?

Ashley: I have a performance at YouTube headquarters on August 24th where I will preview my live show. I am working on it now and it’s going to be great.

I am also going to be dropping a new single soon with a little different sound. I love experimenting and growing as an artist. I love to try new things. Stay tuned!

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